Monday, April 9, 2012

My hero, my mentor and teacher

My hero, my mentor and teacher Parvadha Vardhini Gopalakrishnan (Prinicipal WGSHA). 
This was a very special moment when students surprised me by playing Chinna Chinna Asai at my recent visit to Manipal (I sang this song in Tamil at Annual day 19 years ago). Yes I learnt Tamil for this song, love has the power to learn; and I loved this song. TK Suresh taught me the lovely AR Rahman.
Teachers are the best. I shared the name of my fav teacher; so what is the name of your bestest teacher. Have a grt week ahead......V

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  1. This reminds me of my fav teacher Mr Umesh Sharma. Back in the days when i was learning how to come out of my timid stance, he would figure my name in all debates, extempore etc! I remember the first time i was on the stage i went blank. He walked up, started adjusting the mike and kept murmuring,"take your time, don't worry about people waiting to hear you, just speak what you feel like." Man that gave me so much of life's lessons on just doing what you love:)