Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I had to lecture today at-Sunrise, Global Chef Academy in Singapore. All the recipes were printed and the students had to follow my instructions. Perfect Plan.
Well, something made me change the plan, I did not want the students to cook my dish, I wanted them to excel in creating their OWN dish. Its true that humans can surprise when given freedom to think. It was an honour that we had to make 3 dishes (same way) and we ended up making infinte with everyone's imagination. Use recipes as templates to create something great, something yours....Vikas
Here are today's winners: Sunanda Agarwal and Monica Batra (Best Paneer dish), Joerg Becker and Mansi Nangia (Best scallops) and Charmaine Kok and Lay Hoon Tan (Best Dessert).