Monday, December 26, 2011

I truly apologize for not been able to write about Rajindra Mane and Vijaylaxmi yesterday. I needed some time to recover from the pain of their elimination. It was so sad to see such wonderful people and cooks leave the kitchen. I cried when they cried, I laughed and smiled with their smallest or biggest victory.
Vijayalaxmi is such a wonderful woman and strong woman beyond words. Her connection to her daughter Komal is so powerful and inspiring. She is a true example of the courage of Modern Indian woman. I always called her Mahalakshmi and I am sure she will open her cafe with full dignity, just the way she lives her life. MasterChef kitchen misses her smile and the wonderful gajras.

I still feel my heart break when Mane hugged me before leaving the kitchen. He is an amazing person and a personification of hope for all of us. I always told Mane that he will go very far in life. He glorified our kitchen with his innovations, speed and victories. They are both WINNERS and I bow to them.
Love, Peace and Salute to their dreams and I am sure Success with kiss their feet.......Vikas

Friday, December 2, 2011

Times of India Literary Carnival

Very excited to be a part of Times of India Literary Carnival tomorrow, Dec 3rd, 2011.
The event will be at Mehboob Studios with Madhur Jaffrey and Karen Anand and is titled “Love In The Time of Karela”.
2.30 pm Mehboob Studios, Bandra.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It was a pleasure meeting President Obama last Night and hearing him speak about the future of America.
He personally told me that he loves Indian Food and can cook a great Daal, Naan and Keema.
Dear President, You have ALL our support for the 2012 elections