Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy Kitchens - Sikhism

I always say that my favourite professions are Teaching, Nursing and Farming. Generally are lives are defined by what we learn, our health and the people who feed us.
So, as we are 1 week away from Baisakhi (The Festival of Harvest). I pay my tribute to all the farmers who feed our world and the Good Earth who gives us all these gifts.
Here is a deeper look at Food through Sikhism.

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  1. Truly inspiring! Maybe one day your project can go to the kitchens of the Indian army regiments and the kitchens of the army homes:) Being a military brat it always amazed me on how the "cook bhaiyas" in the mess were our lifeline. Then as my little brother joined the forces, his stories on the lungar ka khaana made me realize how those kitchens bring the men close and how they are the epicenters of regiments:)Every station we got posted to would lead to mom picking up one new dish from the wives of dad's men and it is just incredible how our culture is defined by the food we make:)