Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanks to all of you for the BEST Birthday ever!

My elder brother Nishant and younger sister Radhika had decided to celebrate my 40th Birthday (today) with me this year. But as we say that every moment is God's grace and we all surrender to HIS will. So, here we are after planning this day for weeks; finally Nishant is in Amritsar, Radhika is in New York and I am in Hong Kong. They called me at midnight from their respective time zones and we shared the greatest laughter together and agreed upon 2 things "NOTHING IS AS PURE AS CHILDHOOD MEMORIES and Distance is just a perception and they are celebrating with me". 

Also, many thanks to all of you for the BEST Birthday ever.

 Love Vikas

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  1. You turned forty :-0!!!!!!!!!!!! complement is that you don't look like an uncle..:-) (Raaz kya hai! its for sure a hundred million dollar secret). Very cute pics and i too agree that both the views are very very true.....! Resolutions for Forty? i would really like to interact with via mail instead of a blog...Chef Vikas..... Please do the honors..pleaseeeee!