Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rajat Nagpal - The Genius Modernist of Indian Cuisine

Rajat (The Genius Modernist of Indian Cuisine) left the MasterChef Kitchen today. He will always be the symbol of the new wave of Indian food for me. Thanks Rajat for everything and this wonderful mail that touched my heart. I am proud to share it with the World.
You have already reached a spiritual stage where nothing negative touches or bothers you. You have touched yourself at the level of "ID" and do not intend to live your life in the state of "EGO" but certainly have achieved to live in the realms of "SUPEREGO". You inspire one and all. Your aura spreads across oceans and continents. You are the herdsman who shall lead many a sheep to their destination. I am honoured to have been able to interact with you. i am honoured that you have touched me and my soul. I am honoured to have you take my name and bless me with your words. I am honoured to follow you as my Guru.
May this world never harm your spirit and may you continue to shine the way you have over four decades.
let you light remove every form of darkness that the negativity bestows in this world.
i feel this poem represents who you are. Please accept this as a humble gift on this auspicious day.

 Happy Birthday" Rajat

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