Sunday, November 6, 2011

MasterChef India 2 - Devika

Today's episode was very sad for me. Devika is a young, dynamic girl who left the MasterChef Kitchen today. 
One of my friend's once told me "How can sky be the limit, when there are footprints on the Moon". This is for you Devika.
I saw her grow in her culinary talents everyday in the kitchen. I wish her all the best in her new journey....starting from Le Cordon Bleu to touching the sky. (I mean going beyond the moon)

20 year old Devika is a single student from Delhi with a zest for cooking. Totally confident, this young girl wants to prove herself with her abilities and talent to her family and the world. Hailing from a rich family, she wants to establish her identity, earn the right to be a called a good cook and explore her skills as well. Persistent, Devika tried last year too but wasn’t selected. This season, she is mighty excited to be on the show. 

“My sister has created a career for herself by opening her own clothes store but I am still in the process of finding myself.” She wants to explore her capabilities as a chef and is inspired by her mother to a certain extent regarding cooking. She is extremely proud of cooking ‘no-bake’ cheese cakes as they are lighter.


  1. Kudos to Devika and her generation!

    In a way thanks to technolgy and media who is giving us opportunity to expereince different cultures and cuisines. It is actually also giving us opportunity to experience and understand how great India is!

    Cheers to you and MC-II team,


  2. I am a person who basically know noting about cooking and always end up in a disaster. But, shows like this motivated me and i hope every individual who watch the show to bring out the cooking skills in them.......

  3. i hate cooking... sometime i think a lot about chefs why they never borred with cooking..???

  4. Hi Vikas,

    You are right.I should learn lots of things from Devika.

  5. I like cooking but whenever I had tried for that I can't explain more...........

  6. All the Best to Devika. Her passion and confidence will take her long way. Thanks Vikas to you and other chefs for sharing recipes with us in Master Chef India. I and my mother watch it and discuss the tips given which is new learning for us.


  7. I like cooking. Watching MasterChef India from the first episode of season 1. I watch archived episodes on Starplus on every weekend and also all current episodes. But I think MasterChef 2 aiming to take this season on a more higher level and make the competition tougher to get an out of the world chef. Chef Vikas Khanna fueling it to make dishes best of the best. Same happening in Jaisalmer also. Hats off Chef Vikas Khanna.

    Netai Roy

  8. Dear Vikas,

    I wish you very very Happy Birthday to You from me and my family....



  9. Hey Vikas,
    Wish you a very happy birthday!! Besides sharing the same DOB we've got a lot in common! Hope to see you someday........