Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kerela: Amma and Spice Market

During my recent trip to Kerala, I had 2 things on my agenda.
To seek Amma's blessings before opening Junoon and secondly to walk through the Spice Streets.
Amma (also known as the hugging saint) has inspired millions around the World and is a subject of our upcoming film "Karma to Nirvana". Her blessings mean a lot to me. She had once told me that feeding people is feeding the divine. She touches every plate of food she serves and when I asked her why, she said "I pray that may this food satisfy your soul" I loved it so much, that I try to do the same at Junoon.....well, I try my best to touch every plate that leaves to the dining room.

Secondly, my journey was to understand the power of the flavors and blessings of Mother earth known as "SPICES".They have impacted our lives since the beginning of time.Kerala became the center of the spice route and the New World was discovered because of them.

It is the several hundred pounds of spices from the oldest spice markets, that I use in my spice room at Junoon.

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  1. Inspired by you for sure. So much success but still very down to earth, calm, polite & humble. Probably i need to get jaadu ki jhappi from you once so that i can imbibe certain quality of yours :). May God give you success in every step of life.