Sunday, March 27, 2011

I was born again on Mar 29, 1984 when I ran for the first time in my life. Thx Mama ji for another beautiful spring.

me born: Again on March 29th, 1984

I was born on Nov 14th 1971 to Bindu and Davinder Khanna. This time was very critical during the India-Pakistan war of 1971. The nurse noticed that I had strange (misaligned) legs and the doctors thought that I might never be able to walk properly ever. My mother is "Indra Gandhi" to all who know her. The woman of iron will who would even fight with Gods for her kids, and hearing that her son would not be able to walk was impossible for her to hear.
So, she takes me to Delhi (in the middle of war) and gets my legs operated. (this picture was taken right after the operation).
She made me wear the shoes with braces. I loved-hated those shoes that were always tight and I hated my feet growing bigger. But I would never complain to my mother to buy new ones as they costed a lot of money. But she knew it when they were too tight and would always manage to get new ones.
Also, I could never play like other kids, and always stayed at home. Oh man! When I entered my classroom, they sounded like thunderstorms and even louder than all the kids laughing together when they saw me.

I loved them because during Diwali, I could almost break crackers with them and make everyone jealous. And also, because staying at home allowed me to stay in the kitchen. I found me peace and center there. And later learnt cooking from my Biji (grand mother) in the same kitchen.

I was entering teens by 1984 and loved the moment when my doctor said that you are FREE. I thought free for what. He said to run, as I did not need to wear the braces anymore.
On March 29th, 1984 my mother took me to Company Bagh in Amritsar right after the happy news and asked me to run. I still remember the huge statue of Gandhi with fountains and running around them.
It was just the beginning of spring and I had found new freedom. Not just to run, but just to be free.
Thanks Mama for another beautiful spring.


  1. felt relived wen read about ur running in company bagh !!

  2. Helloooooooo,
    Have gone through what you have in your childhood and for once i can say have felt exatly what you have felt..
    Am soooooo happy for you and truly you have made us proud indians !! Thank you :-)
    Wishing you a very happy diwali and prosperous new year and my you always stay happy and joyous
    God bless

  3. Hi Vikas,

    Hope you are doing good!

    I am Supriya and what I am going to do today, trust me haven’t done in my 30 years, that is writing a fan email. I used to find it really funny when fans would do anything to meet their idols. I am not sure if this email would get through you but for the first time in my life taking this chance of writing to someone I really find a humble human being.

    I am following Master chef – II and I must say you and your team has done a great work. I can see that the competition in this season is really intense.

    But irony is I have nothing to do with cooking and look at me I am a fan of you who is world’s number 1 chef. Only connection between me and you is food but I am on the other side of the table.  I am not sure how great chef you are until unless I get to taste food cooked by you (hoping and dreaming I get to meet you someday )

    I read your story on your official website and I am so proud of you as a fellow Indian and human being. What I can make out from the way you appear on the show is that you are honest person and still connected to your parents and roots. Please, keep up the good work!

    A little about me: I am Supriya and work and live in Hyderabad. Though I am from the north India and came to Hyderabad for work. Since you are as great foodie as I am, one thing I can do for you is invite you to Hyderabad and take you to all the local food specialists ( biriyani, irani chai, kebabs, haleem and osmania biscuits to name a few – Slurp Slurp!)

    With great hope to meet you in person (okay now I am getting greedy – don’t mind spending a day with you ), I am signing off.

    Best regards,

  4. Hello VK ji,

    Really touched by your story. Truely speaking I never knewed about you untill I start watching Amul Masterchef India season 2. I am strong follower of this show as I love cooking.

    Have gone through your website. You have really made India and we indians proud through your work. Wish to meet you in person and learn some some cooking techniques from you especially cakes as I am very bad at it.

    Would like to know which food you make the best?

    Do let me know when you come to ahmedabad, as I am based in Ahmedabad.

    Take Care!! Expecting a reply :)


  5. hey vikas....
    i really want to thank u.. bcoz after reading ur recipes i m in love with cooking .. finally i m finding it the best way to express myself.. in fact i m finding it one of the most creative form of art... thanks again

  6. halo chef,
    i am Harikrishnan from kerala. completed Bsc Hotel Management form Oriental School of Hotel Management that is in Kerala.Iam very happy to write in ur blog. i read ur story. it was very. touching. even i also didn't like to celebrate "ONAM" without my mother. I always watch ur program. so that i can make foods like you.You r very creativity person. I like to keep touch with you my e-mail id is :-
    so take care regards,

  7. It requires iron will and a desire to do something with our lives, irrespective of the obstacles. God gives us only what we REALLY desire. And we will only know it when we understand what He gives us!! God bless you with all you REALLY want in life. :)

  8. It requires an iron will and a strong desire to REALLY do what we want and believe in, though we often have obstacles in our path. Though most of the times we may refuse to believe in what we get in life, it is for sure that He gives us only what we REALLY deserve. God endow you with what all you cherish in life Vikasji. More than a chef, i respect you for the human being you are!!!!

  9. You may have several fans. And you may not remember or keep in touch with all. But i would be honoured if you can stay in touch with me. I am not a great cook. But like you,i too have a iron will, faced lot many difficult times and i cherish my life as it taught me to love my life and also share your feelings for fellow human beings. Gob be with you!! My email id is

  10. vikas....maine aapke legs k bare mein wikipedia mein padha tha..aapki mummy sach mein meri mummy ki tarah IRON LADY hai....aap bahut ache insan hai...bahut ache...i luv u and adore u...

  11. hello Vikas..after seeing you on Master chef i thought of knowing more about who u and landed here on this blog and i read this... i always say hope never dies even in the darkest hour and your life is a real example of hope and strength and mother's are always great..greater than god. your life inspires many and its a great feeling to know people like you and learn many things about harshness and sweetness of life....

  12. Hi vikas sir ...we always love u ..i love ur struggle ,ur patience , ur strnghth,ur thinking , ur nature , ur kindness, nd the best part ur smile ..i dont 9 how cn u do this evry situation i always see a beautiful smile on ur face ...which makes evrything 1000times more beautiful...u 9 i want to meet u from last 6 years ...Inshallah i ll meet u vey soon ...i m vrrrrry excited ...

  13. Hi vikas sir ...we always love u ..i love ur struggle ,ur patience , ur strnghth,ur thinking , ur nature , ur kindness, nd the best part ur smile ..i dont 9 how cn u do this evry situation i always see a beautiful smile on ur face ...which makes evrything 1000times more beautiful...u 9 i want to meet u from last 6 years ...Inshallah i ll meet u vey soon ...i m vrrrrry excited ...