Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I was just asked by Munu, which is my favourite pet. "DOG".
Yes, I used to have a small white Pomeranian by the name of Tiddy. After she left me in 1999, I swore never to have dog in my life again. "They love you too much unconditionally, ask for too little, forgive you very soon, wait for you too long and finally live too little. And leave a big hole in your heart forever. So, many thanks to my little friend Tiddy for teaching me so much about loyalty, forgiveness and friendship". ...V


  1. Dogs are truly said to be the man's best friend. they pick up ur mood better than humans can and a look in their eyes can melt u away!!!

  2. How so true. Our pets teach us a lot. Even I had given up after losing Tommy my doberman & promised myself to never bring home any pet. Until I met lucky my new dog. This puppy and his innocent eyes searching for love couldn't stop me..I adpoted and now this year he will turn 11.