Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jalal Shaikh is a part of food team at MasterChef India. This team is the best reason that the show is so brilliant.
I had promised Jalal's Ammi to visit her before I leave Mumbai. Right before catching the flight back to NY, I wanted to keep my promise and visited his Ammi. I swear that it was the BESTEST biryani I have ever had. While I was leaving she touched my forehead and said "always be like this, never change". There must be a cosmic reason that God made women better cooks? Here is a picture with Jalal and his superb Ammi Jaan.


  1. You touch the ingredients and create wonders BUT i realize
    you are an emotional person who respect feelings and believes in relationships AND it is that extra ingredient that adds an edge to your culinary skill.

  2. Vikas,
    I agree with Jalal's mother too. Please, always be the way you are. It's very hard to find people as nice as you are nowadays.

  3. wow chef u are the most heart touching personality love u so much and respect u evn that greater

  4. A person is known by & for his achievements, sucess, fame, money. he is liked for all that he ows, all materialistic things. But, you are that one person who is know for being a "Good Human"