Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vande Mataram- I bow to Thee, Mother.... There is something about this National Song when it plays in any country. We connect to the moment very emotionally.

Everytime I stood on the stage in America to receive an honour and India's National Anthem (Jan Gan Man) was played, I felt that my heart melted.
So today, on the eve of Indian Republic Day (Jan 26th) I ask myself a very important Question: What is home? The country where I live or the country that lives in my heart. I salute and continue to bow to Thee, the country that will always make me complete and live in my heart. India

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  1. Vikas,
    This day happens to be my birthday too. So, I have always have two reasons to celebrate 26 Jan. I too get very emotional as I hear and sing "Jan Man Gan". I miss India so so much.