Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ojasvi and Saumya

Last week I went to Amritsar to visit Golden Temple and to meet my family before the MasterChef premiere. 
My 2 little nieces (Ojasvi 11 yrs old and Saumya 6 yrs old AND both want to be chefs) are God's BEST gift to my life. Here is what I found in a small book of Miss Saumya Khanna. I was so moved by the moment that I had to share it.

My two darling nieces - Saumya (l) and Ojasvi (r)


  1. eyy.........sooo sweeeetttt......

  2. Charisma of your persona- is all I can say. Having witnessed the influence that Master Chef has had on the out of the shell (
    Kids (very young kids) is just amazing. My moms homepaths son (8 years or so) has already decided to become a chef and proudly proclaims that he can make tea ( to start with) and also cakes.

    Back home the influence is equally strong. My mom goes dizzy early morning when my nephew ( 9 years old) declares at seven, on a Sunday morning, that chocolate cake it is that's to be made for breakfast and issues instructions as an Executive chef to my mom.

    Needless to say that the show and you have changed perception of cooking for those who wish to stick to the kitchen arena.

    Cheers - Anjallee

  3. How Sweet Vikas Sir...!!!
    Its all purely "Vikas Khanna Effect" I would say :))